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  1. The best massage I ever got. Lana is very knowledgeable and attentive to every little detail. She listens to your needs and gives her honest opinion and teach you things you can do to avoid the certain problem to reoccur or correct them. Very impressed.   -- Ritu Sohal. 06/07/16
  2. Oh my goodness! This girl knows her muscles. Svetlana Hoppe, thank you!                                                                                                                                      -Lisa Fletcher. 06/09 /16 
  3. The best massage experience of my life. I have lower back pain that never gets addressed at other places. After my session, I ended my membership at another message establishment                                                                                                                                          -Withers Josh May 18, 2016
  4. She is wonderful, very thorough and space is very relaxing and serene                                                                                                                                              --Foster Derek May 30, 2016
  5.  Very professional, thorough and quite a therapeutic massage -                                                                                                                                                          -- Fletcher Lisa June 09, 2016
  6. This was an amazing massage. Svetlana is so smart and knows how to talk to my muscles.                                                                                                           -Hernandez Megan June 09, 2016
  7. Very knowledgeable! Focused on what I needed and informed me how to prevent my stiffness. I would highly recommend her                                  -Person Tyler June 13, 2016.
  8. Very professional and good massage.         -Yamamoto Bruce June 18, 2016
  9. Svetlana is very skilled. I loved my massage and would highly recommend her.                                                                                                                                  -Spencer Tatyana June 24, 2016
  10. Went for a Groupon & now we're committed clients! First, my husband went in, & not only received the best massage and overall therapy but insisted I go as well. Let me say, that she not only corrected some issues I was having, she then provided helpful information to help me manage the day to day discomforts I might face. She's a wealth of knowledge, so affordable for the skill set that she has. She's extremely knowledgeable (yes, I said it again)  so whether you are going in for relaxation as I was initially OR need rehab or medical massage, she's your girl! I have a new injury and will be using her for therapy, YES she's just that good! You get personalized therapy with Lana; you can see why she has loyal clients.                                                                                                                                                                                           -Deon F. Beaverton, OR
  11. Such a great service! Very personable and catering to my needs.     - Adrianna N. 07/02/2016
  12. Svetlana is very professional!    - Mi Y.  07/02/2016 
  13.  Very kind listens to where your problem areas are and follow through, unlike some chain salons where they ask questions and then do the same routine they do for everyone!                                                                                                                                                          -  Sandy Watson.August 08, 2016
  14. Svetlana is very thorough - she takes the time to get to know your concerns and addresses them very well. I recommend her.                         - Vicky Unser. August 08, 2016
  15. Great massage! Svetlana went beyond the scope of the service to provide extra details to help solve chronic problems that I have experienced. Thanks!  - Randy Hurt. August 19, 2016
  16. Svetlana Hoppe! Experienced professional therapist !!!  - Shirisha Mandala. September 09, 2016
  17. Great massage!!  - Fumi Higuchi. September 09, 2016
  18. Took the time to talk to me, find out what my issues were and seemed genuinely interested in helping me.                                                --D. Shellenberger. September 10, 2016     
  19.  My husband originally went in to redeem a Groupon, most of the time Groupon massages are dozy, but Svetlana is AMAZING! We have both been back several times and send everyone we know to her. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the body, but she is also incredibly well rounded in her expertise. You can go in for a relaxing massage, or she can really get in there and work your muscles deeply. I appreciate that versatility so much, because yes, sometimes you just want to relax, but other times you just need someone to work hard and get those knots out! Highly recommend her to anyone! --  Holly Finkle. 01.06.2017
  20. Svetlana is simply amazing. The massage itself was life-changing. But what really sets her apart is her work ethic. She genuinely cares about her client's health. Taught me a lot about physical & mental health specific to my body.                                                                       --  Hira T., 04.01.2017
  21. Svetlana Hoppe was very knowledgeable and noticed things on my body that no one else did. She gave me suggestions on reducing sodium to reduce inflammation and suggested an inverting table to help my spine. I will definitely follow her advice and visit her again.                                                                                                                                                                              --Dennis A. April 4, 2017  
  22. Svetlana is hand down the best massage therapist I have ever been to! She creates a comfortable, safe environment for her clients. She took my intake form very seriously and talked me through concerns I was having. She was concerned about my long-term health and spent time with me after my massage to offering valuable advice and perspective. If you are in the Portland area and need a therapeutic massage, see Svetlana. The only downside was that I live 4 hours away and can't see her regularly!  ----Melissa H April 23, 2017
  23.  Wonderful experience. Highly recommended. ----- Edwin V. August 26, 2017     
  24.   Lana is a highly skilled, very knowledgeable and gifted therapist. I have been getting massages for over 20 years, and Lana is simply the best! She has very strong hands and a "sixth sense" that enables her to find your aches and pains and deliver relief, both mentally and physically. Highly recommended.
                                                                                         ----Bobbi H.  9/26/2017
  25. I have been struggling with a lower back problem for months and finally decided to try massage therapy. The knowledge, professionalism and overall experience provided by Svetlana far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend !!

                                                                         ----Linda C.          October 19, 2017


    One of the most expert and professional experiences I have had. I am an LMT of 20 years.

                                                                                ----- Paul G.    October 15, 2017

  27.   Lana is a mastermind when it comes to massage. I came to her with a severe back and shoulder injury that affected everything; my whole body was disproportion. She helped me navigate what, to me, was uncharted waters when it came to approaching my insurance company (where other professionals did not) with ease. Our sessions enabled me to improve my progress physical therapy exercises by resolving painful muscle knots. Lana directed me to seek specialists in relation to a couple maladies she spotted and looked over my other notes from my physical therapist. Her commitment to communicate and confer throughout my time with her provided more insight. That level of follow-through and commitment was pivotal to my recovery. It’s amazing how much Medical Massage Therapy impacted my rehabilitation. After seeing Lana I can now have the tools in my toolkit to maintain and improve my day to day health. I literally cannot say how fortunate I feel for having sought medical massage therapy. Lana is the person I’d recommend to anyone I know seeking massage therapy. She is truly gifted and caring professional.                                                                                    --------------------------- Kevin Alexander 11/13/2017


    "Such a great experience. I haven't had a massage therapist who was so knowledgeable about physiology. It was so helpful to have her explain how the muscles work and go into what the problems might be from. I highly recommend going and booking the 90 minutes."

            - - - - Matthew J.      November 17, 2017


    Such a great experience! Lana knows her stuff and considers a holistic approach. So glad I found her!

         - - - - Robin Konie. September 17, 2018

  30.  had a healthy, wonderful, peaceful cupping massage with Svetlana. Before that, she explained to me how I can feel after the procedure, what to expect and what to avoid. Following her advises, one hour later I was feeling my body lighter, no headache, no stiffness in the neck and back. I slept like a baby and the next day I felt much more better, thanks to her golden hands and nice attitude. Thank you, Svetlana!!!

          - - - - Kamelia.     September 11, 2018


    Svetlana is very knowledgeable about the body. She can tailor your massage to your needs and goals. Whether it's to relax or work on the injury. She gives you advice of things to do on your own. Would definitely recommend her.

           ----- Michelle Hedin Rudolph. November 29,2018.

  32.   This review is well overdue. Words cannot express how lucky I was to find Lana!
    Keep in mind this isn't a day spa. Lana is so much more than your average masseuse. She is medically trained and is able to perform manual therapy to truly provide results and pain relief.
    I came to her after months of going to various doctors who didn't take my pain seriously. I honestly felt pushed aside like I didn't matter or like I was just trying to get pain killers.
    I found Lana after reading other reviews and decided to see her for an orthopedic massage. I was already doing physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractor, but nothing made my pain go away. She did a thorough examination to get a better idea of where my pain was originating from. She could tell it was coming from my left low back right away. She urged me to demand an MRI from my PC. I listened to her and sure enough, they found a large herniated disk which I had to undergo surgery for.
    Pre-surgery, Lana kept me as comfortable as possible. I came to her limping and in tears initially. Over the course of 6 weeks or so, she did cupping therapy, massage, and taping. This kept me functioning and in less pain prior to surgery. Post-surgery she continues to work on me at least once a week to make sure I'm healing properly.
    My husband suffers from arthritis and I urged him to go see her after my success. His back pain has gone way down and is so happy.
    She is just a really good person to talk to who loves helping people. Lana truly is our angel and now a friend.            --------  Mahina Seward Lagmay. December 2018

  33. Lana has given me a big part of my life back...
    I have ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis. Last year I had a bad fall and was having pain and stiffness in my lower back. After trying physical therapy, numerous PX and other treatments I wasn't having much relief. Even after getting a PX for biologic that helped I still had lingering pain and stiffness.
    After talking with my wife I decided to see Lana. From the time Lana met me in the lobby to when we walked to her office, she told me I have an injury in my lower left-back. She could tell just from looking at me!! Typical me said, "no it's just my AS" but after Lana put me through some tests, she proved me wrong and ultimately showed me how much weaker I was on my left side.
    After the first couple of treatments, I could really start to feel the change. She also helped me find a chiropractor and recommended exercises to help with my recovery.
    After over a year with crippling pain that sent me to the emergency room three times, I can honestly say I'm now pain-free. Lana is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain what she's doing so you can understand the process...
    I'm an avid outdoorsman that loves to hunt and fish.
    I haven't been able to do this thing I love for over a year. Thank you, Svetlana Hoppe, for giving me that part of my life back.------ Isaak Lagmay. December 2018

  34. I’ve had massages from many therapists in my life. At 62, the older I get the more importance I place on a massage therapist who understands the medical aspects of your body and muscles. Svetlana is a Medical Massage Therapist and has an incredible understanding of body mechanics and how to treat you holistically. I am as impressed as I could be. Highly recommend her.                                                                                                                                                      ----Nancy Wessels. January 2019

  35. Lana saved my shoulders, not just the frozen shoulder that led me to her, but the other one that 8 weeks of PT had not been able to restore. When I first went to Lana, just turning the steering wheel while driving was painful. I could not lift anything and be in constant pain. Today, I have a full range of motion in both arms and she is working on strengthening the muscles.
    Besides having the strongest hands, Lana is skilled in many massage techniques as well as how the body works. She strategically picks from her deep tool bag to correct problems and to educate. Lana carries an anatomy map in her head and can pinpoint muscles to treat in a very specific, efficient way. When I had concussion symptoms flare up, Lana understood the implications and changed up my treatment plan to accommodate for that.          ------  Audrey Klein. March 2019      
  36.    Lana is the most amazing and skillful massage therapist around. She is so knowledgeable about body mechanics as well as overall physical health, she will have you feeling better before you know it. She is a caring, compassionate, talented provider and you will be so happy you found her. Lana is the best!!                                                                                                                            ------  Angel Johnson.May 2019 
  37. Svetlana is a great masseuse. I go for massage therapy for chronic pain. The office is very nice and soothing and she goes out of her way to accommodate you for an appointment. I would highly recommend authentic massage therapy. There are also other types of therapy offered by practitioners. For those who want different therapies, the website has a whole list.                        --------  David Tafone. June2019
  38.  Lana is amazing, she was so nice and helpful! I had such a great experience, I definitely will be going back to see her. She is very knowledgeable, I’m so glad I found her                                                                     ---------   Jennifer Morales.  Aug 2019
  39. Svetlana is a super professional! Started to do a prenatal massage with her and I'm very satisfied with the results, I've started to feel much better, better breathing, better sleeping and more energetic during the day. My husband visiting her for neck and back pain and she is doing a great job with him as well. Highly recommended massage therapy specialist!            ------Elizabeth Vilge. August 2019

  40. Both my carotid arteries were blocked and needed separate surgeries this summer.   Afterward, the swelling from ear to ear would not diminish.  The constant pressure under my chin felt like I was being choked 24/7 - mentally and physically difficult.  My Neurosurgeon, two acupuncturists and one chiropractor could not help nor know-how.  Almost four months later, Lana, my angel was found.  The swelling is going down and the pain/soreness has diminished - my lymph nodes are blocked.  Lana also recommended Dr. Dearborn, a chiropractor who is wonderful too.  Lana is one of the most caring and dedicated health care professionals I have ever encountered.   She was very determined to help me, and I will be forever grateful.    -------------- Lynn H 10/01/2019

  41. Lana is a medical massage therapist who is extremely knowledgeable and focuses on getting her clients/patients back to health. Unlike a spa massage, Lana actually understands what is ailing you, and focuses her attention on treating that ailment. You will feel better and healthier after being treated.  ------------- Christian C 02/06/2020

  42. LANA IS THE BEST! She really listens and knows how to relieve my ailments... and I have a lot! She is skilled in many, if not all, techniques. Lana is a humanitarian who focuses on her customers instead of insurance. She actually cares about you getting well!   --------------- Eric Manilla.  01/02/20

  43. Lana is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She enjoys helping people and always help my issues.

                                                                                                  ------------------ Liby Leung 02/01/20

    44. Lana is super knowledgeable and super cool she takes the time to explain things and I walk out better every time               I’m there.   --------------- Joel Hernandez. 03/03/20

   45.Lana is the greatest massage therapist ever!!! She goes above and beyond for all her clients and cares deeply. I love            going there every week and my body thanks to her for it!! --------------- Sherry Nissen. 03/01/20

  46. Lana and Borys are amazing massage therapists. They address any issues with your body in a knowledgeable and             effective way. Thank you.   --------------- Agnieszka Janiewicz.    03/21/2020

47. Cant say enough good things! Svetlana worked quickly with my insurance, and Taria is clearly very deft in her abilities. Ive struggled with neck pain for almost 10 years, and through targeted massage and cupping, i left this place feeling more loose and pain free than i have in a very long time.

                                                    -------------------Jeff Greg

48. Very good massages! The orthopedic massage has helped my pain so much :) -------Rhian Beam

49. Such a great experience. I never had someone work so hard and diligently with insurance like Svetlana did. She made sure to touch base with me and was very patient with my insurance company. Boris is so good at what he does and I was able to get back range of motion in my shoulders. I have even recommended friends who love seeing him as well. Very professional and covid safe with temp checks and mask wearing which is very much appreciated during these times. Thank you for helping me on my healing journey..

                                                       -----------Dyan Westfall.

50. I booked a massage here based on Yelp reviews, and it did not disappoint! Svetlana was incredibly knowledgable and gave me great tips on stretches and things I could do at home to help keep my body in alignment. She is very sweet and is a very skilled massage therapist.

                                                      -------------Rebecca  Feder

51. Everything is fabulous      --------------------Catherine Galati

52. One of the best massage experiences I've ever had!----------Sarah Shearer

53 Thanks for helping me feel better. Came to Authentic Massage Therapy for an issue from an accident. The benefits far exceeded my expectations. I put 4 stars instead of 5, because of minor personal preferences, which aren't worth posting and complaining about. The fact is, this place is great. I would 100% recommend this place to my friends and family. These folks are responsive, great communicators, reasonably priced and professional.----- BR

54.Taria was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was genuinely concerned about how to work on my area of concern. She also offered additional suggestions I could do on my own for healing. Thanks!------Cyndi Montelongo

55.For several days prior to coming in, I had debilitating muscle cramps in my neck and shoulders that were very painful and caused me to miss two days of work. Borys knew within 30 seconds what was wrong with me and expertly straightened me out in short order. The next day I was back to normal and was able to help my son move into his new apartment. Borys is a miracle worker. Highly recommended!---------Sean V

56.Svetlana  is an incredible massage therapist! Not just her technique, but the consultation before and after the massage. It also include cupping and electrical stimulation. She is absolutely wonderful! The price is on the higher side, but she is worth every cent. If your looking for great results and a health planned road to recovery, please see her. She's not your average message therapist, she is a trained professional that is both knowledgeable and extremely kind and wants the best for you. She referred me to other specialists for spinal decompression. Plus a great light show during the message with stars and dark sky. I just bought one from Amazon Thanks so much !-------Bryan N

57.I have been seeing Lana twice a week for over two years now. Last year, I got my husband getting massages twice a week and he is now hooked. Being able to see Lana and Borys on a regular basis, especially during COVID, has kept my sanity and my self-care heath in priority. This year, we have also started regular massage sessions for our son as well!

There is so much I can say about Lana, Borys and Authentic Massage Therapy that is positive, but that would lead me to writing a book.

They have the ability to "find" my aches, treat my chronic pains and give me relief weekly. Their genuine interest in your ailments and well-being, knowledge of techniques, excellent manual dexterity, professionalism, and empathetic approach will keep me, my husband and son as long-time regular clients!------Carol DaCosta

58.I booked a massage here based on Yelp reviews, and it did not disappoint! Svetlana was incredibly knowledgable and gave me great tips on stretches and things I could do at home to help keep my body in alignment. She is very sweet and is a very skilled massage therapist. Totally recommend her and looking forward to going back for my next massage!

                                                   ------------------Rebecca F

59.One of the BEST therapeutic treatments I've ever had. Svetlana  was great!!! I was able to relax and let her do her magic as I knew I'm in good hands!! I'm very grateful that Svetlana accommodated me last minute. I sit behind computer hours at a time so I was in desperate need of a deep tissue treatment. I'm visitor from LA and visit my family in Portland. I'll be making regular visits to Svetlana! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!-----------Fariba D